Studio A Equipment List: Download


Studio A is based around the legendary Neve 8068 and SSL 4000G with ultimation and a Pro Tools 10 HD 3 system, with Apogee Symphony I/O’s and a wide selection of plug-ins. Our live room is a large, ambient, three-way modular tracking room with two smaller isolation booths to the side. It is approximately 38 feet wide by 41.8 feet long, with a ceiling height of 35 feet at its highest point.

 Studio B Equipment List: Download


Studio B is our production suite featuring some of the highest quality analog and digital gear in the industry.  It boasts a vintage 64 channel SSL 4000 E&G series console and a full assortment of outboard gear, as well as an abundance of Midi Gear.  The room has a Pro Tools 10 HD 3 system and a wide selection of plug-ins.  Many award winning recordings have come out of Studio B in the 30+ years since Cove City opened its doors and the atmosphere of the room never fails to impress.

Instrument List: Download


Cove City Sound Studios has a wide selection of instruments for any project. Download our PDF to take a look!

We also specialize in recording voice-overs and ADR to picture, either in-house or remotely via Source Connect Pro.

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