James Meslin


James Meslin: Engineer

     From basement and bedroom recordings to working on an SSL or Neve, James prides himself on using whatever tools are available to get the end result he and the artist wants to hear. James has been involved in music his whole life. Growing up, he had always been involved in local music and his own bands and always crossed paths with the challenge of “recording a record.” He quickly took on the role of the local recording engineer; working with little to no space, little to no gear, and with little to no money. He didn’t care though, he was quickly passionate about the recording industry and arts and knew there was only one-way to start; from the ground up. Over the years he recorded handfuls of locals artists, as well as his own bands and music. He developed a foundation of knowledge at such a young age that upon entering into his school of choice, SAE [School of Audio Engineering], he felt well prepared and had a lot to work off of. After graduating school, James found himself entering Cove City Sound Studios not too long afterwards. He has since gone on to work well as both assistant and head engineer on all projects that come through the doors. He’s dealt with local indie/rock bands, acoustic artists, pop singers, jazz performances, hip hop/rap artists, orchestras, instrumental soloists, choirs, and had the pleasure of assisting on Cove City’s 5 months experience with heavy metal/progressive pioneers, Dream Theater. With a forever developing style in his sonic preferences, a strong knowledge in audio from signal flow to final mix, and coming from a past of being a musician first; James treats every project as if it were his own music – with great care and trusting his ears more so than his eyes.

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